JAN 330

The Beatles: A Magical Mystery Tour

Interim 2018





Date Notes Watch Read Listen
Jan 4th Course Introduction Anthology 1
Jan 5th Anthology 2 Chapters 1-2 Please Please Me
Jan 8th Anthology 3 Chapters 3-4 With the Beatles
Jan 9th A Hard Day's Night Chapters 5-6
Jan 10th Anthology 4 Chapters 7-8 A Hard Day's Night
Jan 11th Help! Chapters 9-10 Beatles For Sale
Jan 12th Project 1 (Album Covers) Anthology 5 Chapters 11-12 Help!
Jan 15th Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years Chapters 13-14 Rubber Soul
Jan 16th Anthology 6 Chapters 15-16
Jan 17th CLASS CANCELLED Chapters 17-18
Jan 18th CLASS CANCELLED Chapters 19-20
Jan 19th Project 2 (Topic Presentations) Chapters 21-22 Revolver
Jan 22nd Guest Lecture (Dr. Richardson) Chapters 23-24
Jan 23rd Guest Lecture (Dr. Richardson) Sgt. Pepper's Musical Revolution Chapters 25-26
Jan 24th Anthology 7 Chapters 27-28 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Jan 25th Magical Mystery Tour / Yellow Submarine Chapters 29-30 Magical Mystery Tour
Jan 26th Anthology 8 Chapters 31-32 The Beatles (White Album)
Jan 29th Let It Be Chapters 33-34 Yellow Submarine
Jan 30th Across The Universe Chapters 35-36 Let It Be
Jan 31st Project 3 (Life After The Beatles Presentations) The Day John Lennon Died Chapter 37 Abbey Road