COSC 360

Operating Systems

Project 1

Due September 13th (Wednesday)


This project gives you a chance to poke around the Xinu source code a bit. You will locate the source code file(s) where the Xinu logo, welcome message, and shell name appear, and change it to something else.

To Do

Complete the following items:

  1. Fire up your VirtualBox development machine, and log in with the password 'xinurocks'.
  2. In a terminal window on that machine, run the command 'sudo minicom', then retype the password. This will put it in a mode where it is waiting for output from a machine running Xinu.
  3. Fire up your VirtualBox backend machine, and observe the output from minicom back on the development machine. Notice it prints a Xinu logo/image, a welcome message, and leaves you at the Xinu shell prompt (xsh).
  4. Search through the Xinu source code (located in /home/xinu/xinu/), and locate the file(s) that contain those three items. They may be in a .c file, a .h file, or both.
  5. Change them to reflect a new operating system name of your choosing (using either your name or something else of your choosing). For an example, see what I did in the image below.
  6. After changing them, recompile Xinu by navigating to /home/xinu/xinu/compile/ in another terminal (you can leave minicom running). Then run 'make clean', followed by 'make'. Hopefully you will not see any errors.
  7. Move back to the backend machine, and restart it (Machine -> Reset). Make sure that your changes worked by observing the minicom window back over on the development machine.


To submit, compress/zip all your Xinu source code files ( located in /home/xinu/xinu/), name it "project1", and submit it to Moodle by the due date.