COSC 235

Programming & Problem Solving

Project 1


This project will get you acquainted with Python programming by having you write a converter program, and perform basic input/output.

To Do

Write a Python program (call it '') by completing the following steps:

  1. Ask the user for their first name, then ask for their last name (as two separate steps).
  2. Greet the user by combining the first and last name (such as 'Hello, Beau Christ!').
  3. Inform the user that this program converts from X to Y, where X and Y are two measurements of your choice (such as grams and kilograms). You can use this website for ideas.
  4. Ask the user for the value they want to convert.
  5. Display the converted result.
  6. Make sure you document your program with comments throughout (including a comment at the very top that lists the purpose of the program, the author, and the date.

Sample Run of the Program

Your program output should match the following exactly (except use your own measurement choices, and note that some of it is user input that will not be known until the program runs) when running it:

        Converter Program 1.0

        What is your first name? Ringo
        What is your last name? Starr
        Hello, Ringo Starr!

        This program converts light years to miles.
        Enter the number of light years to convert: 2
        2 light years is equal to 11756999628420.03 miles.

        Thanks for using this program, Ringo!


To submit, save your Python program in a file named '', and submit it to Moodle by the due date.