COSC 115

Introduction to Web Authoring

Project 1

Due September 19th (Tuesday) by 11:59PM


This project will give you experience creating a website, adding a page to the site, and marking it up using HTML tags.

To Do

Complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new directory on your computer (anywhere you'd like), and name it 'project1'.
  2. Using Brackets (or any editor of your choice), create a new HTML file in that directory, and name it 'index.html'.
  3. Add the minimal recommended structure for an HTML file (as demonstrated in Chapter 4 of your textbook) to 'index.html'.
  4. Create some content on this page that introduces yourself. Some things you can add include where you come from, what you are studying (major/minor), interests and hobbies that you have, etc. Add enough content to make your page interesting and to show you put effort into creating it.
  5. Mark up your webpage using a variety of HTML tags that we have looked at in class. At a minimum, you should use em, p, and at least two different heading tags (h1 - h6).
  6. Add an image of yourself anywhere on the page.
  7. Add one other image of anything you'd like.
  8. Both of your images should be located inside your 'project1' directory somewhere. Ideally, it usually makes sense (good design practice) to create a directory called 'images' inside of 'project1', then place your images in there.
  9. Make sure your webpage validates. You can use the validator in Brackets, or the online HTML5 validator.


To submit, zip/compress your 'project1' directory, name the compressed file "project1", and submit it to Moodle by the due date.